Privacy Policy

Malhas Carregal, Quotas Company, with tax identification number 505490536 and headquartered in Vila Boa, 4750-784 Barcelos, offers its website as a platform for communication and dissemination, to visitors in general, partners, potential customers and customers.

This Privacy Policy aims at informing us in detail of our procedures for the collection and processing of your personal data in accordance with legal obligations in accordance with Article 4 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016.

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal data, as such, we consider in our internal policies the protection of personal data processed in the scope of our professional activity.

To this end, this declaration has the objective of informing in full transparency the processes, from the completion of the contact form and the cookiessystem, with regard to the respective duration and purpose of the processing, as well as the efforts to keep their duly protected data.

These processes apply to our institutional website https://www.malhascarregal.comand Malhas do Carregal reserves the right to carry out maintenance and alteration thereof, whenever necessary, in order to maintain the current information and to introduce improvements in the level of seaworthiness.

Before visiting, browsing our website, you should read our Privacy Policy and if at any time you do not wish to accept the conditions, you must leave the website.



Personal Data includes all information relating to a natural person, regardless of the format (for example, text, photograph, video), which can identify it directly or indirectly through one or more specific elements of their physical, physiological, psychic, economic, cultural or social.

It should be noted that, as on any Website, we use technology that collects information beyond (for example) name and address, such as IP addresses and user behaviors, attitudes and preferences. This data is collected by cookies (learn more) that essentially aims to facilitate the use of the website in an optimized navigation experience.


  • Contact form

When you communicate with us through our Contact Page and the contact form (“Request for Contact”), you can fill in the associated fields to establish communication. To mention that this contact will not be used for marketing purposes.

This website uses a contact forms plug-in where the personal data of our users / visitors entered in the same form will be stored in our database and managed internally by our employees based on the reason for the communication, related to budget request budget,of technical support, of recruitment and of other information.

The term of the retention of this personal information will depend on the length of time required to process your data until the completion of the process and depending on the reason for the contact, you may have to integrate the history of our database, for example in the case of “Budget” and “Technical support“.

When filling in the form for Recruitmentpurposes, the information sent will be the object of analysis by the person responsible for this treatment. Personal data and Resumes will be kept as long as we understand it important to keep it in our database as a potential candidate.


  • Embedded content from other websites

Articles on this website may contain embedded content (for example, videos, images, articles, etc.) with links to other websites and in these cases behaves as if the user visited those websites with his or her own privacy policy.



We further inform that in the exercise of our professional activity, we cooperate with third parties other than those already mentioned in this DECLARATION, as service providers, able to process their data. In addition to the authorization given by the data subject, for the treatment of your data, previously granted, we will inform these entities and the treatment they make of your data, whenever possible.

We reiterate that we will only authorize such access to entities ensuring that our users’ data is secure and to this end, we have taken appropriate steps to ensure that our partners comply with all their obligations regarding the protection of their data.



Your personal data may be disclosed for related reasons:

  • With legal requirements;
  • With the protection of our customers, for example, to avoid spamor attempts to defraud users of our products, or even to help prevent serious injury or loss of life;
  • With the operability and maintenance of the security of our products, including preventing an attack on our computer systems or networks; or
  • With the protection of the rights or property of the companies, including the application of the terms governing the use of the services; however, if we receive information that indicates that someone is using our services to traffic stolen physical or intellectual property, we do not inspect the client’s private life on their own, but we may report the matter to the authorities.



You may not copy or use the service inherent in this website, or parts thereof, including information about patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights, nor the names of the participants or contributors to the service, and their variations or modifications, for any purpose, without the prior written permission of Malhas do Carregal.


To request the information that you consider necessary regarding the processing and treatment of the same, please contact us, using the contact form for this purpose. In this sense, proof of ownership of the respective personal data will be required. In the case of unfounded and excessive requests, a charge may apply.